IT PM & Aspiring Author

After more than forty years doing IT-related work, I'm now semi-retired and enjoying living in Europe and riding with the local cycling club.


Kilometers of road cycling year to date

I have a goal this year to ride 8,000 kilometers. So far, I'm ahead of pace, but not by a large amount. I have enough play that I can take a rest day if I need to.


Years active duty service

I joined as a Computer Operator, working everything from Mainframes, Mini computers, small computers, NCC, Base Comm, COMSEC, IA, and project management.


The number of books written to date

I've been working on a book for almost three decades now. I hope that since no one seems interested in employing me, I might get the time to finish it.

Life is too short to sit inside and play on the computer all day

Don't get me wrong, I'm a computer guy and I like it. But when the weather is nice (rare), I love to take advantage and ride outdoors.

IT-Related Stuff

I've worked with IT for over forty years. I have worked in a variety of fields, from mainframe computers, minis, UNIX System Administration, Oracle database administration, COMSEC, Information Assurance, Solaris System Administration, Network Security, and Program and Project Management.


I've biked in Europe since 2002. In 2015 I joined the Air Force Cycling Team and rode with them until my retirement in 2018. I currently ride with my local German radsport club, SC-Wegberg. Currently, I'm training and planning to ride the Scottish North Coast 500 in 2024.

Inspector General

Three years experience as an inspector for the AETC Inspector General

IT Related

Various positions, e.g. mainframe, INFOSEC, project management


Since 1979, BASIC, Fortran 77, Pascal, Java, C#, Python, and R


Unix admin for Oracle, DBA support, SQL

Live to Ride - Ride to Live


You won't find me on Facebook or Twitter as I do not support those platforms.

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