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What ReTrumplicans Don't Get

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When I joined the Air Force, my first supervisor told me that one awe shit wipes out ten attaboys.

So while republicans in the House went on extolling Trump’s virtues and successes (it was a relatively short list and not very factual), what they missed was this one key point: The President of the United States gathered a private army of right-wing extremist and Neo-Nazis, whipped them into a frenzy with lies and fascist propaganda, gave them his enemies list, then said he would march with them to the Capitol (he didn’t, he turned tail and ran) to take their country back. In short, he amassed a private army and used it to try and overthrow the duly elected government of the United States.

Now Jim Jordan, Ted Cruz, and Lindsey Graham can say whatever they want about how wonderful they think Donald Trump is. They can claim what they want about his foreign policy, economic success, or Corona Virus response. Those are all valid subjects for debate, but what is perfectly clear and factual is the President abandoned his oath, and attempted a coup by use of force to override the legitimate election of Joe Biden. So it doesn’t matter what good he accomplished prior to January 6, on that date he become an enemy of the United States and committed treason.

Many House republicans opposed his impeachment. They argued there was no investigation nor due process. Obviously, they were on another planet on 1/6/2021. In hindsight, they may have been on to something. Perhaps there should have been a committee formed and an investigation done. The investigative team could then look into the events over the past four years that led up to attack on the Capitol. They could have looked at Trumps statements over years, laying the groundwork for his election fraud claims (prepping for in case he lost - By the way, don’t forget he actually encouraged his supporters to engage in voting fraud by voting twice so maybe only half as many people voted for him ), or his words of affection and support for the far right groups. We now know what the “stand by” comment during the debate meant. Perhaps given the time to conduct an investigation we would uncover those in Congress who assisted the President in his attempts to seize and maintain power.

In the end, Trump might have a lot of company in line with him for the gallows if the evidence comes to light that this was planned and coordinated in advance. Then it is no longer incitement, but treason against the United States which carries a death penalty as punishment. So Jim Jordan, I’m all for an investigation and trial. Just based on your comments during the last impeachment, you might have something to worry about.

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