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If Trump wins in 2024 he will not make the mistakes he made in 2020. First, he will make sure that everyone in DOJ is absolutely loyal to him personally. Next, he will begin purging military leadership of anyone he doesn’t believe supports him. Then Senator Hawley, you will see the real weaponizing of government against political rivals and anyone ...

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When I joined the Air Force, my first supervisor told me that one awe shit wipes out ten attaboys.

So while republicans in the House went on extolling Trump’s virtues and successes (it was a relatively short list and not very factual), what they missed was this one key point: The President of the United States gathered a private army of right-wing ...

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In 2016, I did not vote for Trump nor Clinton. I voted Libertarian because I could not bring myself to vote for someone I did not trust, nor someone I felt was a clear threat to our democracy. I have read Mein Kampf twice, in middle school, for a book report assignment (I was interested in how the second world war started), and again in 2016, when ...

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If you long for the days when Reagan was President and Clint Eastwood had his own police force, then you are most likely a Reagan Republican like me.

The America that I remember under Ronald Reagan was one of rugged individualism, peace through strength, unity, and the idea that America should be the beacon of freedom and democracy, but above ...

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