Under re-construction

So, picked up a 2006 Mini Cooper S that evidently needs a lot of work. Getting it road worthy again and hope to maybe keep it for a few years. Needs some TLC after being neglected for years with little to no maintenance being done on it that I can tell. Body and interior are in decent shape, so I guess that’s something.

Looking forward to finally being able to get out on the open road with it. Though, with all the traffic at this time of year it might have to wait until after New Years.

Moral High Ground

I’m puzzled by people who think that just because atheist may not believe in God, they have no moral or ethical code. As if believing in some made-up deity somehow instills an automatic moral compass. Just because I choose not to believe in God (or Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc.) doesn’t make me immoral. I still understand the difference between right and wrong. I find the attitude of individual Roman Catholics especially hypocritical considering that they are, each Sunday as the collection plate is passed around, essentially funding an organization which has supported and covered up adulterers and pedophiles for centuries.

I’m not against you having the ten commandments in public buildings or nativity scenes. Just don’t think you’re somehow better than me just because my method of explaining existence doesn’t involve creating a supreme being, whose existence you’re willing to accept on only faith. I mean really? That is some seriously flawed logic that in order to explain the physical universe there must be a God, but when you ask who created God, you have to accept that he is. However, you can’t just take that the universe is.