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National Bike Challenge 2018


Well it’s time for the 2018 National Bike Challenge. It will be interesting to see how the web site functions this year. Several years ago it was a little slow, but pretty stable and usable, but last year was close to a complete disaster. Nothing seemed to work right and little updated in a timely manner. This year it looks like there have been massive changes yet again. The main difference is that they sight has been up and running for several months and doesn’t seem as buggy as last years did at the same time. Hopefully this year will start smooth with just a few minor glitches - the things you can expect because there is no real way to test for until a site goes live.

SNOW! Schertz, TX December 2017

snow_front snow_street

The last time I got to see snow in San Antonio was January 1985. (Not that it hasn't snowed in south Texas since then, I just haven't been here to see it.) I was driving back from New Braunfels in my Monte Carlo SS down I-35 when it started. By the time I got home I had to shovel about four to five inches off my mom's driveway. In any case, this last little freak weather event at least made everything look Christmasy for a little while and the kids had a chance to have a snowball fight or build a snowman.


Another Year, Another Tour de Gruene

Another November has passes and another Tour de Gruene is in the books. The weather was about the same as it has been the past three years I have ridden this tour - wet. Just once I'd like to have a nice, sunny morning. Don't really care about the temperature. Low wind would be nice. But no rain, fog, or drizzle would be a welcome change for this event. I think next year, since I will be on my terminal leave before retiring, I will have a decent amount of time to train and prepare and then perhaps in 2019 I can do RAGBRAI. Though I think that puts me at 55 years old by then. Wish I had started doing this in my twenties or even thirties. Late forties was almost too late I think but better on my back and knees than running.


Well it's been a while since I've had time to update this page but I figured it was due and I have a few spare moments this week so I will see if I can't get it done. Not that anyone is looking at it. So I doubt that more than one or two people would even notice that anything has changed or that I removed the holiday greetings from last year. Now you begin to understand why it has taken me thirty years working on my book and I am perhaps, at best, a third of the way finished. At current pace I should finish in time for my 120th birthday. Since that seems unlikely to happen, perhaps I had better get a little more motivated.